About Us

The Sunflower Queen is a premier CBD luxury beauty & wellness brand that brings products that both heal & amplify the natural beauty within everyone! 


Our mission is to deliver CBD products created with passion, love, and the finest ingredients to both heal and make beautiful - inside and out. Our team believes everyone is a Queen, therefore, everything we create is aimed to make you feel like the Queen that you are. 


Created by ChemE Queen Bee, every product is backed by some of the industry’s finest scientists and chemical engineers. All of The Sunflower Queens products are made in small batches with love & care - using natural, organic, Kosher & Halal ingredients coupled with the highest quality full-spectrum CBD distillate, proudly sourced in the USA.


With new CBD brands being created at a break-neck pace, it’s not always easy to find a quality product. The Sunflower Queen takes every step to prove that our products are top quality, and backed with facts. All CoA’s are published along with testing results of each and every product on our website (Learn More Here). Our experienced scientists quality check every batch so that nothing enters or leaves our lab without passing rigorous vetting according to federal standards. This keeps TSQ committed to responsible sourcing, creation, and delivery of every product we sell. 


Tested. Trusted. TSQ.