“The Lavender Sleep roll-on really minimizes my back pain. I use it every night before getting into bed." Susan E. (Texas)


“I have chronic onset insomnia (the inability to fall asleep) and chronic maintenance insomnia (the inability to stay asleep). The Lavender Sleep Roll-on has allowed me to fall asleep faster as well as stay asleep better throughout the night. I can even reapply it during the night when I do wake up without any negative side effects. I wake up feeling more refreshed and less stressed.” Sharice B. (Texas)


"I am a huge fan of the CBD roll-ons. First off, right out the gate they smell fantastic. The smell alone could relax anyone but these roll-ons have the added benefit of being infused with CBD among other great natural elements to give you this chill-in-a-bottle type feel. When you first roll it on you’ll notice a soothing tingle. I typically apply it to my wrists and the back of my neck. It usually kicks in within about 30 seconds and   you get this nice mini-chill session before it tapers off. It’s perfect for when you need to gather yourself before a long meeting (or during), when you just get home and need to unwind or right before bed. Honestly, I probably gonna need about a whole case more of the stuff because it is straight up phenomenal. Keep it up, Aliviance - you’re on to something awesome!"Batsu O. (Texas)


I purchased the Lavender CBD Roll On and was instantly taken in by the soft scent of essential Lavender. Impressed, with the quality of this natural product right down to the glass bottle, metal roller and informative/beautiful packaging.  I trust The Sunflower Queen to formulate the best CBD products on the market today." - Leah M. (North Carolina) 



"This stuff works and I'm NOT kidding! Let me emphasize the severity and unpredictable nature of my menstrual pain every month. Without fail, I am absolutely crippled with mind-bending, unthinkable anguish -- and I am accustomed to blowing off an entire week all because of my cycle. The Rose Comfort roll-on is a game-changer. Goodbye to popping pills. I apply a liberal coat to my entire abdomen, and the scent is soothing and supports the relief process tremendously"- Corrine I. (California)


"I had been dealing with lower back pain for a few days, and no amount of stretching, foam rolling, or massage alleviated it. I tried the Rose Comfort roll-on right on my back and OMG - the pain relief was pretty much instant! I'll definitely be keeping this in my purse from now on!"- Sam Z. (Texas)




“I tried the Jasmine Energy roll-on! I’m absolutely in love with it! It gives me a boost of energy while also a steady happy feeling!” - Charlene H. (Texas)


“I love Jasmine Energy and use it all the time. Before I go out to meet friends for drinks, I roll some on my temples. A few minutes later, I can already feel the relief setting in. No more hangovers.” - Nick W. (Ohio)


Jasmine Energy is an amazing product. It not only helps with my migraine headaches, but smells good, too. The roll-on makes it easy to apply and take on the go.” - Priscilla B. (Texas)




“Your Eucalyptus Fit roll-on has been saving my life working in heels every night after my full-time job. I put the roll-on on my feet with some fluffy socks and wow, instant relief!” - Taylor B. Miss Nevada Earth 2018 (Nevada)


“I pulled a muscle in my back this morning, and I took some ibuprofen. After three hours, I was still in so much pain I could barely move. Then I remembered I had the Eucalyptus Fit roll-on!  I used it, then again a couple of hours later, and now, after eight hours, I haven’t had to take any more ibuprofen.  Works like a charm!” - Lori C. (New York)



Lip Balms


“I have been using this CBD infused lip conditioner for two weeks now and love it! I have always suffered from dry lips and this has helped so much! The colors are amazing as well!” - Danielle Shaw