The Science of The Sunflower Queen

Dec 16th 2019


Here at The Sunflower Queen, our CBD products are formulated by top scientists, flavorists and engineers. With years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and analytical testing, our products are tested and trusted. Using this knowledge, we formulate high quality products for our customers, but also wellness products that we also trust to use ourselves and share with our closest friends. We believe in honest feedback, and continuously improve our formulations. No animals are ever tested on here at TSQ, only ourselves, friends, and outside (human) reviewers.


At The Sunflower Queen, we purchase USDA Organic, Natural, Kosher and Halal raw materials when we can. We keep all certificates on file from our growers and extractors, and all incoming CBD is tested at a third-party lab before we accept it into our facility. Furthermore, we perform third party cannabinoid testing on all our finished products to ensure safety and efficacy before they are shipped to our customers. Finally, we listen to feedback from our customers for ways to improve our existing products as well as create new products our customers would like to see, so please be sure to leave a review of our product!


Essential oils are extracts of oils that give plants their characteristic odors and are used in perfumes, flavorings, and for aromatherapy purposes. These oils are extracted by cold pressing or steam distillation from plants which contain hundreds of trace phytochemicals. For this reason, the chemical profile of each essential oil can vary year to year and by soil chemistry on site. We seek out the best essential oils in the world, from experts who know where the best plants grow.

Research is showing that aromatherapy, and in particular a combination of aromatherapy and topical application of essential oils, is helping with certain types of pain and sleep problems. At The Sunflower Queen, we formulate to maximize the benefits of these phytochemicals so that our products remain as natural, safe and effective, as possible.


Terpenes (aka terpenoids), are any class of chemicals that occur widely in plants and give them their effectiveness and aroma. Mono-terpenes, are less complex chemicals like limonene in lemons, myrcene in mangoes and linalool in lavender. Sesquiterpenes are known for their more complex scents and their ability to oxygenate cells. These chemicals include alpha-bisabolol, humulene and beta-caryophyllene, occur in the roots and bark of trees, and create earthy smells of cedar, clove, ginger and myrrh.


The most concentrated CBD comes from the flowers or buds, but other plant parts contain lower levels of CBD. To concentrate the CBD, the plants are extracted andthe oil distilled. The oil is considered full spectrum because it comes from the whole plant, and will contain other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBV, THC, THCA, THCV, terpenes, flavonoids and phytochemicals.

To further purify CBD into an isolate, (meaning “by itself”) high level distillation and extraction methods are used until the CBD is 99.7% pure or higher and appears as a white crystalline powder. Isolate can be THC-free due to the high level of purity, which also means it likely contains little to no other cannabinoids or terpenes.


At The Sunflower Queen, our products are micro-emulsified to overcome the water/oil barrier and to reduce the size of the CBD particles. This allows our products to reach the bloodstream faster and with higher absorption than most CBD products on the market today.Microemulsion of CBD Affects Bioavailability

Based on the latest studies, the following is the approximate percentage of CBD which reaches the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain:

Edibles – 6-15%, the lowest, due to the “first pass effect” where the long process of digestion and the stomach acid causes less than a tenth of the CBD to be absorbed and make it to the brain

Tinctures -12-35% - quick absorption under or on the tongue increases bioavailability but the rest is wasted during first pass effect

Nasal – 30-40% - bioavailability increases with inhalation since particles are micro-misted and absorb quickly onto mucus membranes

Topicals – 35%-45% - bioavailability also increases on skin, since it contains water and oil layers, plus there’s an advantage of putting the CBD where you need it

Vape – 34-56% - the highest bioavailability is vaping, due to the reduction of size of the particles during vaporization, as well as quick absorption onto mucus membranes and proximity to the brain