Rose Comfort

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100mg CBD Full Spectrum Distillate.

The Rose Comfort† roll-on is formulated to balance mental and physical symptoms associated with monthly cycles. Ingredients such as rose, clary sage and Egyptian geranium oil reduce menstruation symptoms while eucalyptus, rosemary, grapefruit and pinenes perk up the senses and improve mood.  . Rose Comfort† contains the following highest quality essential oils and terpenes:

Rose Essential Oil - Used by women since ancient times in perfumes and face creams - Rose is known for reducing anxiety and tension and aiding in dream-filled sleep.

Egyptian Geranium Oil - Historically known as “women’s oil” and used for thousands of years, and is believed to reduce anxiety and balance hormones.

Clary Sage Essential Oil - a Mediterranean purple sage, it is thought to help reduce stress and improve digestion. It also contains a chemical like estrogen (sclareol) which helps reduce menstrual cramping.

Ylang-ylang Essential Oil - From the bright yellow flowers of the Cananga tree, it is believed that it reduces overall stress, pain and inflammation and balances hormones.

Alpha- and Beta-Pinene Terpenes - Common in coniferous trees such as cedars, pines, firs; the smell is known to uplift the mood and spirits, much like a calm walk through the forest.

Net Weight: 10 mL (0.33 oz)

Directions: Keep away from light and heat. Shake before use. Gently apply onto wrists, neck, shoulders and/or the affected area. Reapply as needed. EXTERNAL USE ONLY

INGREDIENTS: Safflower oil, avocado oil, African shea butter, CBD full-spectrum distillate, vitamin E 75000IU, glyceryl stearate, essential oils of: black pepper, grapefruit, rose, Egyptian geranium, eucalyptus, fennel, clary sage, ginger, lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang, menthol, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene.

†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2018 Farm Bill Compliant and contains less than 0.3% THC