TSQ Certified Testing

TSQ. Tested. Trusted.


At The Sunflower Queen, we are scientists and engineers committed to delivering you a product you can trust. Although the FDA currently requires no analytical testing for raw materials or finished products for the entire CBD industry, we believe in following good manufacturing practices and being ahead of the regulation curve. The only way to know what’s truly in a formulation is to test it. 

At TSQ, we send all of our raw CBD and finished product samples to an ISO 17025 certified 3rd party testing laboratory that is registered with the state of California for cannabis testing.



Pharmlabs San Diego is our trusted partner, and the Certificates of Analysis they provide to us, we share with you. Simply click on their logo above to read more on their website. Transparency is important to TSQ, from our raw material suppliers, all the way to our customers. 



Eucalyptus Fit CBD roll-on 100 mg, lot #19102402

Jasmine Energy CBD roll-on 100 mg, lot #19102403 

Lavender Sleep CBD roll-on 100 mg, lot #19102401

Rose Comfort CBD roll-on 100 mg, lot #19102404



Lip Balms 

Everyday Gloss CBD lip balm 25 mg, lot #19103003

Holiday Red CBD lip balm 25 mg, lot #19103001

Resolution Purple CBD lip balm 25 mg,  lot #19103002